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My Story

Hello my name is Sass. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease over 15 years ago. Back then, options were limited and I really struggled with my change to eating gluten free and finding alternatives for baked goods. 


I have always loved being in the kitchen so it was only natural that over the years I have sought out ingredients and ways to create delicious gluten free food. I am often told that you cannot tell my gluten free baking apart from "the normal..." so I dare you to give it go. 

Mid 2020, I was asked by my favourite gluten free flour company if I would become one of their at home test bakers. This involves confirming recipes where their flours are used. Of course I said yes! So you will see that I often reference FG Roberts in my baking. I use FG Roberts flours exclusively now because the results are consistent. 


Toaster Waffles

I love that I can make a batch of gluten free waffles and freeze them for a quick snack or a breakfast treat. Perfect for school or work days, just pop a homemade waffle in the toaster. Top with fresh fruit, honey or jam and serve with some yoghurt or cottage cheese.

These homemade gluten free waffles can made ahead of time and frozen. Then a minute or two in the toaster and you have a hot breakfast with no mess and no fuss. A great alternative to toast, just let them cool, then seperate with baking paper and freeze. You can try this gluten free waffle recipe here.

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