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My Story

Hello my name is Sass. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease over 15 years ago. Back then, options were limited and I really struggled with my change to eating gluten free and finding alternatives for baked goods. 


I have always loved being in the kitchen so it was only natural that over the years I have sought out ingredients and ways to create delicious gluten free food. I am often told that you cannot tell my gluten free baking apart from "the normal..." so I dare you to give it go. 

Mid 2020, I was asked by my favourite gluten free flour company if I would become one of their at home test bakers. This involves confirming recipes where their flours are used. Of course I said yes! So you will see that I often reference FG Roberts in my baking. I use FG Roberts flours exclusively now because the results are consistent. 


Savoury Gluten Free Waffles

You've probably noticed that I am a big fan of the waffle? I have shared my recipe previously for gluten free sweet waffles and thought International Waffle Day was the perfect time to cater for the savoury waffle lover. Not only are waffles versatile and convenient, they are very easy to make and store.

Just like this waffle's sweet sister, all you need are basic pantry staples to make these little beauties. I made mine with FG Roberts plain gluten free flour, adding a generous amount of nutritional yeast for a yummy cheesy flavour.

You can of course omit the nutritional yeast but I encourage you to give it a go. The flavour is the perfect compliment for scrambled eggs and bacon. I these are best served on the same day but you can reheat them in the toaster for a quick breakfast on the go.

Gluten Free Savoury Waffles

This makes about 12 waffles (amount will vary depending on your waffle maker)


325gm plain gluten free flour (I use FG Roberts)

1 tablespoon baking powder

4 tablespoons nutritional yeast

1 teaspoon salt flakes (or to taste)

2 teaspoons onion powder

1 teaspoon mustard powder

375gm milk

50gm vegetable oil

2 eggs, room temperature


Thermomix method:

  1. Add the milk, oil and egg to the Thermomix bowl.

  2. Mix 5 seconds, speed 4 to combine.

  3. Add the dry ingredients.

  4. Mix 5 seconds, speed 4 then scrape the bowl.

  5. Repeat 5 seconds, speed 4.

  6. Cook the waffles according to the directions on your waffle maker.

Conventional method:

  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients except the nutritional yeast.

  2. Make a well in the center of the mixture.

  3. In a small bowl add the milk, oil and egg

  4. Whisk to combine the wet ingredients together.

  5. Pour the wet ingredients into the center of the dry ingredients.

  6. Whisk until combined well and there are no lumps

  7. Add the nutritional yeast and mix well with a spoon.

  8. Cook the waffles according to the directions on your waffle maker.


Waffles can be frozen, just reheat in a toaster or an air fryer until crisp and hot.

To freeze, let them completely cool and then pop them onto a lined baking sheet. Freeze for 10 minutes, then remove from the baking sheet and place them inside a freezer-safe bag or air-tight container to freeze. The flash freezing will stop them from sticking together.

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