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My Story

Hello my name is Sass. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease over 15 years ago. Back then, options were limited and I really struggled with my change to eating gluten free and finding alternatives for baked goods. 


I have always loved being in the kitchen so it was only natural that over the years I have sought out ingredients and ways to create delicious gluten free food. I am often told that you cannot tell my gluten free baking apart from "the normal..." so I dare you to give it go. 

Mid 2020, I was asked by my favourite gluten free flour company if I would become one of their at home test bakers. This involves confirming recipes where their flours are used. Of course I said yes! So you will see that I often reference FG Roberts in my baking. I use FG Roberts flours exclusively now because the results are consistent. 


Jumbo Sandwich Loaf

My first bake using my new jumbo loaf pan has come out a treat. I’ve been working on a jumbo gluten free loaf recipe for a while so I thought I’d share two new things together

A silver lining when working from home is that I can bake straight after I finish working for the day, instead of spending up to an hour in traffic driving home from the office.

This recipe made a generous 900gm loaf. Milk powder is optional in this recipe which yields a lovely soft and pliable crumb with a slightly richer texture.

A light spritz of water immediately before popping in the oven gave this loaf a fab smooth and crisp crust that isn’t chewy.

To freeze a gluten free loaf, wait until it’s completely cold before slicing, then pop little squares of baking paper between the slices. This stops the slices sticking together once frozen. Easy peasy.


Jumbo Sandwich Loaf


5gm sugar

8 gm dry active yeast

20gm olive oil

6 gm white vinegar

600gm warm water, heated to 40 degrees celsius

25gm full cream milk powder (optional)


  1. Heat oven to 210 degrees celsius.

  2. Lightly grease a jumbo loaf pan. I prefer to spray mine lightly with rice bran oil.

  3. Warm the water to 40 degrees celsius

  4. Place the warm water and sugar into a bowl, stir to dissolve.

  5. Sprinkle the yeast over the warm water, cover and allow the yeast to bloom.

  6. Once the yeast has bloomed, it will look like a layer of cream on top of the water.

  7. Add the oil, vinegar, optional, milk powder and then the bread flour.

  8. Mix until a dough is formed. Don't worry it's going to look a bit shaggy at this stage!

  9. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth.

  10. For my jumbo loaf bakes, I often halve the dough then shape into two equal balls.

  11. Place the balls beside each other in the jumbo loaf pan, allowing equal space around the balls of dough.

  12. Cover with lightly oiled cling wrap or a damp cotton towel.

  13. Prove in a warm place until double in size.

  14. Once double in size, remove the cling wrap.

  15. Glaze with your choice of either oil or egg and seeds or choice.

  16. Lightly spritz with water before popping in the oven.

  17. Once in the oven, turn the oven down to 200 degrees celsius and bake 10 minutes.

  18. After 10 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 175 degrees celsius for a further 60 minutes.

  19. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool immediately.

  20. Do not leave in the pan or you will have a soggy bottom from condensation. No-one likes a soggy bottom!

Important: Allow the loaf to be completely cold before slicing.


For a crusty top, glaze with oil. I spray mine with a little rice bran oil.

For seeds, brush lightly with beaten egg first then sprinkle over your seeds of choice.

Always lightly spritz with water before placing in the oven as this will assist the crust to form more slowly, resulting in a finer crust.

Placing a pan of water in the bottom of your oven helps the loaf to retain moisture while baking.

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